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Fare reform

Your fare is changing. This section will be progressively updated. For full details, Visit the ARTM website  →

Electric Circuit

Tempted by electric cars? You can drive with peace of mind and without running out of gas by recharging your vehicle at one of the 616 Electric Circuit charging stations, 41 of which are found in 21 RTM terminals and park-and-ride lots.

The public recharging service is offered at little cost by the Electric Circuit, of which the RTM is a member:

  • Every recharge costs $2.50 (tax included), regardless of location or duration

  • The initial order of the Electric Circuit card costs $10.00 (tax included) and entitles you to four recharges

  • Use the online service to buy recharges and add them to your card

    For more information on the public recharging service and the Electric Circuit, visit this page.

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